By: Stephanie Farrah

  1. Your Gown Needs To Be Ordered 1 Year In Advance​
  • Don’t wait to go shopping for your wedding dress until a few months before the wedding.  Most wedding dresses are not sold off-the-rack and need to be ordered in your size.  It takes up to 6-9 months for a dress to be made and shipped to us.  After the dress comes in, you then need to take it to the alterations specialist and this can take a little bit of time.

  1. Know Your Budget
  • ​​Before you walk into the store, know how much you are willing to spend on your dress.  Knowing your budget helps the bridal consultant to know what gowns she can and cannot show you.


  1. Make An Appointment​
  • Although we do take walk-ins, an appointment ensures that you get the full Bridal Boutique experience.  We love being able to sit down with you and discuss your wedding and take the time to get to know you so that we can find you the perfect wedding dress.

  1. Don’t Bring An Entourage
  • We have a five person limit not to annoy you, but to help you.  The more people you bring, the more opinions you have, and the more confusing it can get.  We recommend only bringing a few people who’s opinions truly matter to you so that you don’t get talked into buying a dress you don’t love OR get talked out of buying a dress that you love.


  1. Bring Pictures
  • Consultants LOVE being able to look through pictures of styles and dresses that you like. Being able to actually visualize what you’re looking for helps us to be able to pull the right dresses for you.

  1. Come With An Idea Of What You Want But Be Open to New Styles
  • Before you come to your appointment have an idea what kinds of styles you like and what you really don’t like. We start each appointment with a quick interview where we ask what silhouette, neckline, accessories, fabric, etc. that you are looking for in your dream dress. After talking to you though, we may pull a dress that is a little bit out of your comfort zone.  Humor us and try it on because you never know what you really think until you try it on.

  1. White Isn’t Always What You Expect It To Be
  • 98% of the dresses that we sell are ivory . . . and if we didn’t tell you, you would think it’s white.  Each designer has their own variation of white and ivory throughout several different fabrics. Most true-white wedding dresses look best on women with darker complexions.

  1. Bridal Sizing Isn’t What You’re Used To
  • Bridal sizing is based on pattern sizes.  We are used to shopping vanity sizes, so when shopping for wedding dresses the size that you try on will be about 2-3 sizes larger than your normal jean size.

  1. It’s Okay If You Don’t Cry
  • Every girl has a different experience when shopping for wedding dresses.  It’s okay if you found the dress and don’t cry. We get girls who cry, but most of the time they don’t.

  1. We’re Here To Help
  • Most importantly, know that your bridal consultant and the rest of the staff is here to help you find your dream dress.  Don’t be afraid to tell us what you like and what you don’t like. We want to help make you feel beautiful.