Boulevard Bride x The Venue at Maison Du Lac

On April 22, 2018, we were invited to The Venue at Maison Du Lac’s “Hard Hat Grand Opening.” We had such a wonderful time working with the venue and the different vendors who were helping with the photoshoot! We thought it would be fun to share the photos and vendors with you all!

The Venue at Maison Du Lac

“The Venue at Maison Du Lac is a brand new, modern venue with a charming twist, netsled in the rolling hills, just outside of St. Louis. Enjoy the simplicity and natural elegance of the countryside with modern amenities.”


Location Details:

  • 7,000 sq foot modern venue with seating for up to 350 guests
  • Spacious bridal suite and separate groom’s lounge in the charming 19th century stone house
  • Panoramic lakeside views from the venue
  • Private property boasting 20 acres of lush greenery
  • Outdoor area for cocktail hour
  • Located 15 minutes outside of Eureka in Catawissa, MO
  • Indoor/Outdoor and lakeside ceremony locations
  • Ample parking

Rachel Myer’s Photography

“Charlie and I have been shooting weddings for over 6 years now. We love every. Single. Minute! Our main focus is to be visual storytellers. A wedding day can go by so fast and you really want someone who is passionate about capturing every detail. We are always seeking clients who have a fierce love for each other and enjoy less traditional posed photos. Our style may not be for everyone and that’s ok. Just like finding the perfect partner in life, you want to choose a photographer whose work you love, but also someone who you actually enjoy being around.”

An Affair to Remember

“For over eight years, the award-winning team at An Affair to Remember has been helping clients attain the wedding of their dreams. With a focus on comprehensive design and our big-picture approach, our team’s attention to detail is only matched by our unparalleled customer service and dedication to each client. Without a doubt, the wedding and event industry is fast-paced and naturally stressful, but the passion we have for our work and the joy we get from being a part of such a special day for so many makes this “job” better than most. It’s with gratitude and privilege we get to do what we do.”

Salon Antebellum

“Salon Antebellum [is] located in Lamplighter Square in Saint Louis County. The ambiance of culture and history found in Salon Antebellum is a true experience that makes you feel the unique culture and structure found right here in St. Louis. Salon Antebellum was built from architectural salvage found in St. Louis, handpicked and refinished by the owner, Kelly Bileddo. Kelly has always been fascinated with the beauty found in dated furnishings and buildings throughout the city. The curves and beauty in historic buildings downtown and the decal in old wood furnishings was the inspiration for designing Salon Antebellum, while the history of St. Louis’ culture helped shape the unique atmosphere it withholds. Such shapes in the hair are much like those found in surrounding architecture. Where one would find something old and ill fitting, Kelly would find beauty and purpose. Salon Antebellum is an environmentally friendly salon; we strive to be green to the best of our ability so that we can survive for many decades to come.”

“. . . We focus on artistry and passion for your hair. Our artists on staff are trained to utilize skills and up-to-date techniques to create a shape of structure for your hair by promoting the countour of your head shape and focusing on the continual therapy for your hair.”

What is a Sample Sale?

What Is A Sample Sale?

A sample sale is an event at a bridal store where customers can shop our Sample Sale racks for off-the-rack gowns at an amazing price!

What Are Sample Sale / Off-the-Rack Dresses?

Sample Sale / Off-the-Rack dresses are gowns that our buyer has purchased to be in-store at Boulevard Bride. Sample Sale gowns are ones that have been tried on before, but are in excellent condition. These gowns have never left the store.

What Designers Are Included In The Sample Sale?

We have some really great designers featured in our Sample Sale! The designers with dresses in the Sample Sale are: Stella York, David Tutera, Martin Thornburg, Jasmine, Val Stefani, and Moonlight.

Are Sample Accessories Included In The Sale?

Yes. Sample Accessories are included in the sale. These accessories include select veils, hair accessories, belts, jewelry, and clutches. These are the same as the bridal gowns – they have been purchased by the buyer for customers to try on in-store.

What Sizes Are The Dresses At The Sample Sale?

We offer gowns ranging in size from 6 – 24.  The majority of our Sample Sale sizes are sizes 10-14. Please note that bridal sizes run small. For example, a bridal sample size 12 is a jean size 8/10.

What Is The Payment Policy At A Sample Sale?

Any dresses and accessories purchased at a sample sale are final sale. The full amount and any applicable sales tax is due at the time of purchase. Dresses cannot be held.

How Do I Pay For My Dress?

We accept cash, card (excluding American Express), and check. If paying with a check you must present a valid ID.

Will Boulevard Bride Store My Dress Once It Has Been Purchased?

We cannot store or hold your dress once it has been purchased. You will be taking the dress with you the same day.

Will I Need Alterations On My Sample Sale Gown?

Depending on how the dress fits, you may need alterations. We do not offer in-store alterations but can provide you with two women that we highly recommend.

Do I Need To Make An Appointment?

Yes. Appointments are needed to secure yourself an appointment. If you are walking-in you may have to wait until other appointments are finished before you can begin looking at gowns.

How Many Guests Can I Bring?

We ask that each bride bring no more than 3 guests. We are a small store and strive to make your day as stress-free as possible. Too many people leads to too many opinions and a lot of stress and confusion.

Any further questions? Call us at 636-561-4030

Wedding Dress Shopping FAQs

By: Stephanie Farrah

The Holiday Season is upon us and you know what that means . . . it’s officially ENGAGEMENT SEASON!

Are you newly engaged or getting engaged soon? Shopping for a wedding dress should be a fun and exciting experience. Let us take the stress out of shopping by answering some of our most asked questions! 

Appointments are required for bridal and bridesmaids in order to deliver the best service possible. Due to us being a smaller boutique, we may not be able to assist you if an appointment is not made. Appointments are always required on Saturdays.

Appointments can be made on our website at 

We recommend that you order your dress a year in advance to avoid any stress. Wedding dresses can take 6-9 months to make and then you will need time for any alterations that need to be done. If you have a quickly approaching date, we will try to help you in any way that we can.

We try our best to have gowns in everyone’s price range. Our dresses can range between $500-$3,000. Before beginning to shop we will ask you your price range and will make sure that we only pull dresses in your price range.

Our gowns run from size 10 to size 22. Bridal gowns are sized by pattern sizes so our sizes are about 2-4 sizes up from your jean size. If a dress is too small or too big we have ways to make them fit.

We recommend bringing only family and friends whose opinions you value. With larger groups it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the different opinions. We notice that the appointments seem to go smoother if there are 2-3 people who come along. Since we are a smaller store though, we ask that you bring no more than 5 people with you.

Less is more when it comes to what you should bring! We recommend wearing spanx or a bra and panties that you are comfortable in. When choosing a bra to wear for the try-on session, opt for a strapless bra so that the straps do not take away from the dress.

Photography is allowed for bridal and bridesmaid appointments. You may take pictures of the dress, of the details of the dress, and of course of you in the dress. We do not allow any pictures of tags, style numbers, or prices.

We make paying for your gown simple and painless! If you are buying an off-the-rack gown the full amount must be paid when purchasing the gown.  If you are buying a gown that needs to be ordered in (most of the gowns), we require a 60% down payment. The rest of the payment may be paid in installations or all at once. The remaining balance must be fully paid when you come in to pick up your dress once it arrives at our store.

We hope that this helped to make you feel less stressed and more excited about wedding dress shopping!

If you have any other questions about shopping for a wedding dress and everything that it entails, feel free to call us at 636-561-4030 or email us at


Top 5 Reasons You Shouldnt Buy Your Homecoming Dress Online

By: Stephanie Farrah

Homecoming Season is upon us, and that means shopping, shopping, and yes, even more shopping.  With the dawn of Homecoming Season and all the shopping, comes the temptation to shop for and buy dresses from online.  We’ve all see the ads on Facebook and around the internet that advertise homecoming dresses at ridiculously cheap prices.  These prices may seem unbelievable because, well, they are.  You really can’t buy a good quality, ethically made homecoming dress for $30.  To help you curb your temptation to buy online, we’ve put together a list of The Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Your HOCO Dress Online.


  1. What You Get Isn’t What You Ordered
  • It’s hard to miss the Buzzfeed and Cosmo articles that share the horror stories of ordering your homecoming, prom, or wedding dress online.  You think you’re purchasing a gorgeous dress that looks like it’s straight off of Pinterest and when it finally comes in … it’s either not your dress, or a very poorly put together version of the dress you ordered!

  1. Sizing
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 0, 10, or 20, don’t be surprised if your online dress comes in and its multiple sizes smaller or bigger than you!  Say goodbye to your savings because you’re going to be spending quite a bit on alterations.
  1. Quality
  • The reason a homecoming dress from a retail store costs more than the dresses you find on sketchy websites is because the retail store quality is a thousand times better than the quality you get from the sketchy website.  The dresses in retail stores go through multiple quality control inspections while the dresses from the cheap websites do not.
  1. Shipping Time
  • You know how you have to wait anywhere from 2-7 days for a package to arrive if you don’t want to pay for faster shipping?  Imagine paying for shipping and then having to wait weeks or even MONTHS for your package to arrive.  Yep… that happens so often with online purchases from those sketchy and cheap websites.
  1. Unethical Practices
  • We all love finding a great sale, but what if your awesome price comes with a cost?  Most of, if not all, of the garments that you buy off of these cheap websites will be made in sweatshops with underage workers and awful working conditions.  Don’t put other people’s lives and wellbeing at risk just so you can get a cheap dress.


So before you go do some online shopping, stop in to our store to take a look at all of the beautiful homecoming dresses that we carry!


Pinterest Ready Wedding

Pinterest Ready Winter Wedding

By: Stephanie Farrah

Are you planning a winter wedding? If so, this post is just for you! We scoured Pinterest and found our favorite “Winter Wedding Pins” to help inspire you!  Below are our favorite ideas for ceremony & reception decorations, groom & bride accessories, wedding favors, and of course… food and drink ideas!

  1. There’s something about a Winter Wedding that’s just so romantic.  These wedding and ceremony venues and decorations have us wanting to plan our own Winter Wonderland Weddings. 
  2. Once you have your dream dress picked out and the groom’s suit, you can start working on the accessories!
  3. What’s a wedding without cake? We found the cutest cake, desert, and drink options for your wedding
  4. Everyone loves a cute wedding favor. Check out these winter wedding favors that you’re guests are sure to love.