By: Stephanie Farrah

Homecoming Season is upon us, and that means shopping, shopping, and yes, even more shopping.  With the dawn of Homecoming Season and all the shopping, comes the temptation to shop for and buy dresses from online.  We’ve all see the ads on Facebook and around the internet that advertise homecoming dresses at ridiculously cheap prices.  These prices may seem unbelievable because, well, they are.  You really can’t buy a good quality, ethically made homecoming dress for $30.  To help you curb your temptation to buy online, we’ve put together a list of The Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Your HOCO Dress Online.


  1. What You Get Isn’t What You Ordered
  • It’s hard to miss the Buzzfeed and Cosmo articles that share the horror stories of ordering your homecoming, prom, or wedding dress online.  You think you’re purchasing a gorgeous dress that looks like it’s straight off of Pinterest and when it finally comes in … it’s either not your dress, or a very poorly put together version of the dress you ordered!

  1. Sizing
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 0, 10, or 20, don’t be surprised if your online dress comes in and its multiple sizes smaller or bigger than you!  Say goodbye to your savings because you’re going to be spending quite a bit on alterations.
  1. Quality
  • The reason a homecoming dress from a retail store costs more than the dresses you find on sketchy websites is because the retail store quality is a thousand times better than the quality you get from the sketchy website.  The dresses in retail stores go through multiple quality control inspections while the dresses from the cheap websites do not.
  1. Shipping Time
  • You know how you have to wait anywhere from 2-7 days for a package to arrive if you don’t want to pay for faster shipping?  Imagine paying for shipping and then having to wait weeks or even MONTHS for your package to arrive.  Yep… that happens so often with online purchases from those sketchy and cheap websites.
  1. Unethical Practices
  • We all love finding a great sale, but what if your awesome price comes with a cost?  Most of, if not all, of the garments that you buy off of these cheap websites will be made in sweatshops with underage workers and awful working conditions.  Don’t put other people’s lives and wellbeing at risk just so you can get a cheap dress.


So before you go do some online shopping, stop in to our store to take a look at all of the beautiful homecoming dresses that we carry!