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The National Bridal Sale is Here!

Why Shop The National Bridal Sale Event?

The National Bridal Sale Event is the perfect opportunity for you to find your dream dress! This is your chance to shop our large selection of off-the-rack wedding dresses at discounted prices! Whether you’re a bride-on-a-budget, just plain thrifty, or love the idea of saying yes to the dress and taking it home the same day… this event is for YOU!
Below is a sneak peek of some of our off-the-rack gowns for the National Bridal Sale Event!



Our New Reality: Virtual Bridal Showers

Our New Reality:

Virtual Bridal showers

Who would have ever thought we would be having virtual bridal showers… crazy, right?!

Here are a few of our tips and tricks for creating an intimate and fun virtual bridal shower.

  1. Have Wrapping Paper Ready
    • If people are buying gifts off your registry and having the items sent directly to you (which most of them will) the gifts will come in your standard brown box with packing tape. This is so not cute to look at or fun to open. Plus, how can anyone over the age of 40 joke about how many ribbons you’ve broken! I recently ‘attended’ a virtual bridal shower and the mom wrapped every present that was sent so that her daughter actually had things to unwrap for everybody watching. Not only was that the sweetest idea, it added the perfect touch of ‘normal’ to a not-normal event. 
  2. Don’t Leave It Up To The Guest To Mute Themselves
    • I don’t care how many times you make an announcement saying – “As a reminder, the bride is opening gifts now so please make sure your microphones are muted so we can hear her” – there will be people who do not mute their mics and their talking or background noise will cancel out the bride’s audio leaving us all wondering “what the heck did she say?” yet nodding and smiling like we heard her.
    • The best way to tackle this problem? The host has the ability to mute everyone. During present time mute everyone and then unmute someone while their gift is being opened.
  3. Introduce Your Guests
    • At the beginning of the call take time to recognize the guests on the call. Have your family members wave, then your fiancé’s family, friends from work, friends from college, your mom’s friends, etc. This is a great way to make everyone a participant and feel welcome. It’s also so fun for your guests to see who else is on the call with them!
  4. Start With A Game
    • No matter how cheesy they get, we all love a good bridal shower game. Just because you’re virtual doesn’t mean you have to skip the game! There are so many bridal shower games that can be played in the virtual reality of Zoom or Skype showers. For example, the classic game of he said / she said. Have the groom record answers to questions about the bride and their relationship. During the virtual shower you can ask the bride the same questions and play his answer to each question (hint: use Zoom so the person with the fiancé’s answers can share their screen and play the sound or video for everyone.)
    • Also, beforehand send everyone invited a blank Bridal Bingo sheet. Before the bride starts opening presents have them fill it out and they can unmute themselves and yell bingo whenever they win!
  5. Have Fun With It
    • We get it, this isn’t what you thought your bridal shower would look like at all. We’re not sitting around perfectly decorated tables at a clubhouse or enjoying delicious mimosas while chatting with guests at your aunt’s house. It sucks. But, we are so lucky to live in a time where we can all still get together to celebrate you and your fiancé. So, we suggest getting all dressed up like you would if everyone were with you and decorating the area where you will be sitting. Get balloons, a hanging sign that says “bride to be” (or something like that), and create a bridal shower atmosphere. Heck, if you want to drink a few mimosas while you’re opening presents and playing games, do that too!
  6. Have An Exit Strategy
    1. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from all of these virtual meetings is that saying goodbye is… awful? awkward? the worst part of the meeting? After the gifts have been opened and the games are finished, have the bride say goodbye to everyone. Think of it as your “closing paragraph” in an essay. Sum up the shower, say your thank yous, say goodbye, and end the call. Everyone will thank you for taking charge and ending the call without the awkward waving and “should I leave or should I wait for someone else to leave first” thinking.


Boulevard Bride is Here for YOU

Boulevard Bride

we are here for

It’s no secret that this is a hard time for businesses. We miss you. We miss working. We miss working with you face to face. But just because we can’t always see you face to face, doesn’t mean we can’t help you on your wedding journey. Scroll down to see the different ways we are making ourselves available to you!

what are we doing?

Let us just say… Thank God for the internet, smartphones, and FaceTime. Are we right or are we right?!

Buy Off-the-Rack

If you need a dress and you need it now, look no further! We have a large selection of wedding, bridesmaid, mother of the bride/groom, and formal dresses that can be bought off-the-rack.

Virtual Measuring

Ladies, it’s so important that your measurements are correct when ordering a dress. Call our store to schedule a FaceTime meeting where the owner will walk you through correctly collecting your measurements.


Order by Phone

If you’ve already been in to try on dresses and have decided on ‘the one’, you can play it safe and call us to order your dress over the phone. If you need to order a bridesmaid’s dress or mother’s dress that can also be done over the phone. 

Limited Appointments

Thankfully we have a pretty large store that can accommodate the CDC guidelines. If you would like to come in to shop for your wedding dress you can schedule an in-person appointment. Guests are limited to 2 people and we will be heavily sanitizing before and after your appointment.

Free Suit Rental Rescheduling

We get it, you rented a suit for a wedding that’s been rescheduled because of COVID-19… happens all the time right?! (lol) Give us a call and we will reschedule your rental free of charge!

Shipping Directly to You

We are changing our store guidelines to let vendors ship your dress directly to your house. Stay home. Stay safe. We’ll get the dress to you.

So You’re Getting Married During COVID-19, Huh?

So You're Getting Married During COVID-19, Huh?

Boulevard Bride

Hello lovely ladies!

We wanted to hop on here real quick and chat with all of our Boulevard Brides and future Boulevard Brides about this craziness that we are all experiencing right now. If you’ve shopped with us you know that making sure you find the perfect dress for your special day is our passion. Nothing makes us happier than seeing your face literally light up when you put on “the one”. That moment that we get to experience with you and your closest friends and family is truly magical.


Where we are as a world now is anything but magical right? You’ve spent countless hours planning your wedding. What will you wear? What will your spouse wear? What will your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear? Where will you get married? Who will cater? What will your first dance song be? Will it be choreographed or just an intimate slow dance? You’ve found the answer to these questions and so many more. You’ve poured your heart and soul into this special day that may or may not happen as you so diligently planned. That’s heartbreaking and our hearts are breaking for you.


But… let’s take a moment to step back, take a deep breath, and look at the big picture. This wedding that you planned was (and hopefully is) going to be beautiful and special. What makes your wedding day so special though aren’t the flowers, venue, photographer, food, or even the gorgeous dress. What makes your wedding day so special is that starting on that day you are fully united with the person you love more than anything in the world. On your wedding day you proclaim to each other, your family, and your friends that you are saying “I do” to spending the rest of your life giving yourself selflessly for the good of your spouse. So, we’ll say it again… your wedding day isn’t about finding the best venue, having the prettiest dress, or taking the most perfect photos. Your wedding day is about you and the one you love committing to a lifetime of ups and downs, laughter and tears, and so so much love.

So, please know that we are thinking about you and we are here for you.


2020 Prom Dress Trends

PROM 2020

  1. Metallic Madness

  2. Straps on Straps

  3. Stand-Out Sequins

  4. Legs for Days

  5. Printed Pretties

  6. Belle of the Ball

  7. Into the Deep (V)

  8. Sleek & Simple

  9. Throwback Styles


Metallic Madness!

Prom 2020 is all about making an impact, standing out from the crowd, and being fearless when it comes to fashion. What better way to do this than with a metallic dress?!  Metallic fabrics are shiny, spunky, and show-stopping. For the most part metallic fabrics are reminiscent of metal (platinum, silver, rose gold, gold), but designers are also playing with colors and giving the fabric a metallic sheen instead (see the green Ellie Wilde dress).

Straps on 


Prom is all about dancing the night away with your best-friends or high-school sweetheart. You don’t want to be constantly worried about pulling up your strapless dress… and that is why we are loving the spaghetti strap trend! Not only is the spaghetti strap back in main-stream fashion (thank you late 90’s early 00’s trends), straps are having a major moment in prom right now as well. So go and dance the night away without a care in the world!



Prom is the one night where you can take Rihanna’s words literally and “shine bright like a diamond.” Girl, prom night is the night to take your sequin game to the next level. Show off your bubbly and outgoing personality in a dress to match. Or, if you’re more on the shy side but love a good sparkle, keep it classic and simple with sequin accents or monochromatic sequins.

Legs for 


High slits are everywhere for Prom 2020 and we are here.for.it.! Leg slits can take a dress from simple to sexy in 0.1 seconds flat. They’re also a great way to show off your brand new tan from spring break… or the nearest tanning salon. Take your prom night look up a notch with one of our gorgeous dresses with a high slit.



Who doesn’t love a good print?! They are such a fun way to show off your personality and personal style. You can choose from feminine florals, strong geometrics, classic lace-inspired, and everything in-between. Even if prints are outside of your comfort zone, we always suggest trying one on… you never know, it may surprise you! 

Belle of the 


Who says you have to wait for your wedding day to feel like a princess? Prom is your night to be the QUEEN that we know you are! We have the fullest-of-the-full ball gowns for those of you who want to make a grand entrance, and we have softer more subtle ball gowns for the girls who want to feel like a queen without all the attention and frills.

Into the 

Deep (V)!

When it comes to V-Necklines for Prom 2020, the trend is really all about how low you can go. We have subtle v-necks, moderate v-necks, and plunging v-necks that are reminiscent of J-Lo’s iconic green Versace dress. 

Sleek and 


Sometimes when it comes to fashion, less is more. These styles are for you ladies who want to look good and feel good without the tulle, sequins, lace, and frills. These prom dresses are perfectly sophisticated without being too over-the-top. 



Read-or-Not the styles of the 1990s and early 2000s are back and bigger than ever! Think Friends, Clueless, Britney Spears, and square necklines with skinny straps. Its all back and we are LOVING it!