Let’s Talk Tuxedos

Let's Talk Tuxedos

So we know you may not get a lot of say in most of the wedding planning … but, the tuxedo consultation is your turn to shine!

What is a tuxedo consultation? 

During a Tuxedo Consultation, you and your fiancé will sit down with one of our trained tuxedo rental specialists to pick out your ensemble for your wedding day. We will talk about your wedding colors and venue, and see if you have a particular look in-mind. This is YOUR wedding, so don’t be shy! We don’t want to show you a light grey suit if you have your mind set on a traditional black tuxedo.


the consult

We know it can be intimidating for a guy to walk into a bridal shop, so we strive to make the consultation as quick and painless as possible for you. Scroll down to get a feel of what your consultation will look like.

Step #1

Schedule the appointment. This can be done by calling us at 636-561-4030 or visiting our website www.boulevardbride.com

Step #2

Show up on-time with an idea of what color suit or tuxedo you want to wear. (If you have no clue what color you want, that’s okay too.)

Step #3

First we will get your information and write down the names of your groomsmen, ring bearer(s), ushers, dads, etc. (Hint: If you have 6 full ensemble rentals, you get yours for FREE!)

Step #4

Now for the fun part…  We will begin with book 1 which has all of our suit and tuxedo options. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like. Once we choose your favorites, we’ll narrow it down until we find the one.

Step #5

Now that you have the suit picked out, we can move on to choosing any tie, vest, pocket square, suspenders, shirt, and shoes you may want. (Don’t feel overwhelmed, once you know the color you’re matching, it’s pretty easy).

Step #5

Once we know what you are wearing, we can decide what the rest of your bridal party will wear.

Step #7

We’re almost finished! It’s time to get measured. During this step we will take various measurements and have you try on a sample coat.

Step #8

It’s time to make your down-payment. (Remember, if you have 6 full-ensemble rentals yours is free.) The down payment is 60%. The final payment is due when you pick up your rental.

Step #9

Last but definitely not least, it’s time for you to tell all your groomsmen, ring bearers, ushers, and dads to head on in to get measured. They can come on their lunch-break, after/before work, or on the weekends. Their measurements will take no more than 15 minutes.

Come on In!


Monday: Closed

Tuesday / Wednesday: 11-7

Thursday: 3-7

Friday / Saturday: 10-4



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Fall Bridesmaid Inspiration

Planning a wedding can be the most fun and most stressful thing all at the same time. From choosing the venue, finding the dress, and figuring out how the heck you are going to pay for everything, you have a lot of decisions on your plate. One of the decisions, is color. The color palette of your wedding is what helps to set the mood and the overall theme of your wedding. If you are getting married in the fall, you don’t want hot pink bridesmaid’s dresses or khaki colored suits. You want to choose colors that compliment the season, the venue, and the theme. 

 . . .

If you’re looking for some fall color palette inspiration (or just want to look at pretty bridesmaids dresses) scroll through to read more.


Beautiful in Burgundy

Of course we have to start with the most popular color for wall weddings – burgundy! Burgundy, or wine, is a classic and timeless color that will always be associated with the crisp autumn air and colorful falling leaves. Burgundy looks beautiful on all skin-tones and pairs well with almost any color suit. We love how burgundy pops against greenery in bouquets, and how well it compliments the colors of the fall outdoors.




If you’re leaning towards burgundy for your bridesmaids, you’re in luck because you groom and his groomsmen can really wear any-color suit! For a classic yet on-trend look, we suggest the Michael Kors Navy Sterling suit from Jim’s Formal Wear. The trim and tapered fit of the Navy Sterling Wedding Suit fits close to the body for an updated look. It’s tailored in lightweight Venetian Super 130’s wool and features a self-framed notch lapel. The suit pairs well with cognac dress shoes, and can be worn with a vest or suspenders.

Purple Majesty

If you love the idea and the look of burgundy, but want something a little different, go with a deep purple like Concord. Concord is a deep purple that is the perfect mixture of elegance and fun. It will look great with all skin tones, but will make your bridesmaids with fair skin and dark hair, look like a million dollars.





Offset the deep hues of Concord with the Clayton Heather Grey Suit. Its ultra slim styling is tailored to fit all body types – including big and tall sizes. Constructed of Super 130’s wool fabric, it’s the most comfortable fit and feel in our line. The Clayton features a self-framed notch lapel and double besom pockets. Pair it with a matching pair of ultra slim fit pants with no stripe and a matching wool vest for the ultimate three-piece look.

Halloween Hues

Are you planning a Halloween themed wedding but want an orange that says classy instead of little-kid-ish? You have to check out our Tangerine colored dresses! Tangerine brings together all the fun of Halloween with the sophistication of a wedding.





Complete your Halloween themed wedding with the black Ultra Slim Sterling Wedding Suit. It offers a trim and tapered fit that fits close to your body. Pair it with matching ultra slim fit trousers that offer belt loops and buttons to accommodate suspenders. Also available in slim fit styling to provide sizes for all the members in your party.

Blushing Beauty

Okay, I know what you’re thinking … Pink…for a fall wedding? But really girls, how great would blush dresses look against the crunchy fall leaves and rich colors of fall?! Blush is a fun take on a fall wedding, and a color that looks great on almost every skin tone!





A fresh approach to formalwear, the Indigo Blue Lane tuxedo is perfect for your next formal affair. The ultra slim fit styling is tailored to fit all body types – including big and tall sizes. The Lane is tailored in a luxurious Super 120’s wool fabric. It features a satin-edged peak lapel and satin double besom pockets. Pair it with a matching pair of ultra slim fit pants for a trim and tapered silhouette.