Sales Agreement

The customer acknowledges placement of special order, service, or product is all final sale. No refunds or exchanges.

  • I agree with the designer, style, color and size for each item ordered. I understand that custom measurements and/or custom length may not be exact. I understand that dye lots may vary from swatches. I further understand that payments are forfeited in case the event is cancelled, without exception.
  • I understand that when purchasing a floor sample item, it is sold in ‘as is’ condition. The cost of any fixing and cleaning will be my responsibility.
  • I understand that alterations to the merchandise may be necessary and that alterations will incur a separate charge. I further understand that Boulevard Bride does not provide alterations and I will not hold this store liable for any alteration inaccuracies or errors provided outside of the store.
  • I understand that should the event be cancelled, I am responsible for providing timely notice to the formal wear store. I will be responsible for full payment of all merchandise ordered and bought out of stock.
  • I understand that all sales are final and are neither returnable nor exchangeable. No Exceptions. I have read and understand all Store Policies and agree to the terms and conditions therein.
  • I understand  all special order items must be picked up and balances must be paid in full within 30 days of arrival. Any items left for over 30 days will incur a $25 monthly storage fee.
  • I understand Boulevard Bride will take possession of any item left for over 30 days past the wear date.
  • Cardholder agrees to pay credit card payments above according to card issuer agreements.

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